Our Services

Convergis Technologies offers a full suite of technology services designed to solve business problems, provide a competitive advantage or reduce our customers operating expenses. We believe these are the core components that drive businesses to utilize technology. If a product or service does not perform one of these functions, then what good it is? Few organizations can afford to buy a solution because it’s "neat."

What if you could grow revenue while lowering costs?

We have spent a considerable amount of time researching how we could help our clients maximize both revenue and cost savings at the same time. The answer to both issues is through improved productivity. We help organizations become more productive by leveraging the right technology for your business.

How do we make you more profitable?

Convergis Technologies starts by custom tailoring a communications infrastructure designed to support and enable the right areas of your business. Areas where you interact with your customers, areas that are operational bottlenecks, or areas that help improve job satisfaction and reduce turnover are all targets for technology solutions. We then move from implementing a solution to supporting your productivity with proactive management of the systems, so it stays relevant to your business and so your employees achieve maximum usage of the system because they know how to utilize it.

Our Promise to You

Convergis Tehnologies will help you reach maximum productivity through the effective use of technology throughout your organization.