Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery

Organizations are increasingly facing challenges in protecting critical applications and data against various causes of downtime. According to a survey by Price Waterhouse Coopers, 70% of small businesses that experience a major data loss will close within a year. Convergis Technologies provides many options to help protect your business and keep it running if a disaster occurs.

Data Backup and Recovery

Convergis Technologies has partnered with Continuum to provide a comprehensive business continuity solution. Continuum Vault leverages industry-leading technology and is composed of four key components:

Continuum Vault

Voice Business Continuity

Convergis Technologies voice business continuity keeps your phones ringing on any existing premise based PBX as a fully redundant, always-on virtual phone system that acts as a failover in the event of a disaster. The service kicks on automatically the moment your phone system fails or the phone provider can’t deliver calls to your PBX. Instead of callers getting dead air, busy signals or out-of-service messages their calls get answered by our hosted system. This means you can continue conducting business as usual until service is restored and your PBX is brought back online.

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