Relocation / Remediation

Technology Relocation

Technology relocation is pivotal to the success of your business move. Convergis Technologies understands that your voice and data systems are vital to your business, so our experts will work with your internal staff or appointed supplier to ensure a seamless move and to minimize the disruption and downtime of your business.

We know how complex technology relocations can be and that it takes very careful planning, movement and testing to ensure a successful business relocation.

Our experts begin this process by compiling user data information and testing of systems prior to disconnection. Our technology relocation experts will plan the phasing of the re-connection of your voice and data equipment in line with your departmental and business needs.

Technology Remediation

Are you moving and want to get rid of old technology? Do you have a tenant that has moved and left all their old technology in your office space? Convergis Technologies provides technology remediation to remove abandoned or unwanted computers, phone systems, cabling, etc. for both landlords and tenants.

The National Electric Code (NEC) requires the removal of all abandoned cable in existing buildings. Convergis Technologies offers expert identification, removal and tagging of abandoned cabling that is no longer being used. Abandoned cable adds significant fire load to buildings and can create health issues due to the lead content found in plenum cabling jacketed with fire resistant polyvinyl chloride. Convergis Technologies will remove this abandoned cable and dispose of it in an environmentally safe method.

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