Voice & Data Cabling

Your Trusted Atlanta Structured Cabling Partner

At Convergis Technologies, our data cabling clients can count on us to provide them with reliable, high-quality solutions. We are a fully licensed and insured low voltage contractor in the state of Georgia. Our 17 years in business, bringing voice and data services to metro Atlanta customers, speaks to our skill and dependability.

The Resources We Offer

CAT5e & CAT6 Cabling

Convergis Technologies specializes in designing and installing structured cabling solutions that include both CAT5e and CAT6 cables. We have been installing voice and data cabling throughout Atlanta for years and understand what the local building codes are and how to maneuver through all the requirements. Never pay for plenum cable – that’s more than double the price – when it isn’t required.

We know when plenum is required and when it’s not, which helps customers save money. Our cabling services include design, installation and support for corporate offices, retail, healthcare, education and hospitality throughout Metro Atlanta. We specialize in integrated voice and data services and understand how that impacts your cabling system. Let us help you determine what cabling you need so we can save you time and money.


Fiber Optic Cabling

Another data cable specialty offered by Convergis is multi-mode and single mode fiber optic cabling. We can plan out, install, terminate and test fiber optic cable, offering lightning-quick speeds for businesses that need to maintain a competitive edge. We’ll install a system that’s affordable, easy to use and seldom in need of maintenance.

Other Cabling Solutions

In addition to CAT5e, CAT6 and fiber optic cable, Convergis Technologies offers a full range of other cabling solutions, including:

  • Coax cabling
  • Horizontal and backbone cabling systems
  • Equipment room build-outs
  • Fire-stopping and grounding
  • Installation warranties
  • Cable testing and certification results
  • As-built drawings
  • Fully Tested and Certified to Industry Standards

What Makes Convergis the Best Choice?

In addition to our low voltage license, liability insurance and almost two decades of experience, we certify all cable installations with industry-leading certification tools. These tools provide our clients exhaustive test results,  which show their cabling has been installed to industry standards. We can accommodate businesses with 5 to 500 employees, ranging from single cable drops to comprehensive build-outs for new construction, and our projects are fully tested and certified to industry standards.


Convergis offers highly competitive pricing without sacrificing quality of product or service. Are there less expensive options out there? Sure. But the cheapest options lack our experience, license and insurance – attributes our customers are grateful for, as they help ensure maintenance costs don’t skyrocket down the road. These factors are a crucial part of the reason why we offer the best value in low voltage cabling.


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