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Additional Equipment & Software Solutions to Improve Your Office

Convergis Technologies specializes in phone system installation, voice/data cabling, security system setup and AV solutions for offices. However, we also offer a variety of additional services and solutions to help improve workflow, communication and the overall connectivity of your organization.

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SD WAN Solutions: Simplifying Your Connectivity

As Cloud solutions become much more common, businesses must operate at Cloud-level speed with minimal friction and hiccups. Our SD WAN solutions allow organizations to use the Internet to augment MPLS, cut overhead costs, easily switch carriers and simplify branch-to-branch communications – all at incredible speeds. You can even set up a new branch within minutes.

With SD WAN, your IT team will have full control over connectivity and you’ll save money by leveraging broadband connections instead of relying on expensive MLPS networks. SD WAN solutions can also help eliminate the finger-pointing between equipment providers and Internet providers. The robust real-time and historical reporting keeps records of second-by-second Internet usage, Internet speeds, VoIP Jitter, Delay, MOS scores and much more.


Wireless Network Design & Installation

Wireless network planning and design play a vital role in keeping your business connected with minimal disruptions and “dead zones.” Convergis helps you pick the best equipment for the job before properly installing the entire system for optimal performance and minimal connectivity latency. You will enjoy greater control over network access, a level load balance, enhanced security and the ability to grow the capabilities of your network as your company grows.

White Noise & Sound Masking

Deafening silence can put employees on edge and halt productivity. By installing white noise or employing sound masking technology within your office, you can generate the perfect amount of unnoticeable background noise to ease the pressure, improve productivity and help drown out potentially jarring office sounds.

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