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Atlanta's Top Integrated Access Control Systems for Offices

Convergis Technologies offers a variety of access control systems and solutions to give you full control over who can get to which parts of your office. Convergis Technologies is the partner you can trust when you’re looking for a reliable security solution and a provider that can offer competitive pricing and seamless installation. Protect your organization. Protect your employees. Protect productivity.

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Secure Physical Access Cards & Mobile Capabilities to Let the Right People In

Our physical access solutions for offices allow entry in a variety of different ways. Wish to only allow access to those who have physical possession of an access card? Looking for the flexibility of a mobile security system? These convenient options – and more – are available.

Each system is designed to be smart & secure, allowing you control over every facet of the system, including:

  • Keypads
  • Readers
  • Electric locks
  • Clocks
  • Entry/access documentation
  • Much more

Control the Flow of Foot Traffic In Your Office

As the front door opens, the office staff breaks from their current task to see who it is and how they can help the visitor. By gaining greater control over who has access to your office, you can cut down on the number of unwanted solicitors that seem to show up everyday. Your employees will enjoy the newfound peace of mind, knowing they’re protected from (at worst) an external threat and (at least) annoying sales people.

The Convergis Technologies Electronic Access Advantage

We only offer office security systems and products we would also trust to protect our own facilities. For this reason, we proudly provide Paxton Access Control systems. The Paxton distributed architecture reduces the amount of cabling required and allows the doors to function even when they lose connection to the server. Paxton, like all our other products, is completely network-based and can be deployed much easier than other solutions that require all the equipment to be installed in one room.

Have additional questions regarding our access control systems, physical access cards or any of our other office security capabilities? Get in touch with Convergis Technologies today.

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