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Atlanta's Best CCTV Security Cameras & Video Recorders

Convergis Technologies offers a variety of surveillance cameras and video recorders to help improve the overall security of your office and sense of well-being among employees at a very competitive price. Time after time, security video monitoring has proven to boost ROI and deter criminal activity in the workplace. Convergis Technologies helps you pick the best package for your facility and then seamlessly installs the system to ensure even greater protection.

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Surveillance Access From Anywhere, At Anytime

In the modern era of security technology, video monitoring isn’t reserved for some low-lit back office. If you’ve got access to the Internet, you can get a great look at what is happening in your office. Each system allows for mobile access, allowing you to take the power of granular security monitoring with you on the go.

Bolster Security & Keep Digital Records of Crimes

We offer both external and internal security camera options so you can keep close tabs on what happens in and around any of your facilities. Each of these systems offers routine back-ups for safekeeping and excellent digital organization for easy access – should you ever need it.

The Gen IV Technology Advantage

Convergis Technologies proudly carries Gen IV’s line of high performance surveillance cameras and security monitoring systems. Gen IV has built an industry-wide reputation of excellence, reliability and ease-of-use for end-consumers, which is why we continue to choose them, year after year, as our preferred wholesale distributor of CCTV security cameras and surveillance technology.

Experience the Power of Gen IV

For more information regarding our surveillance camera options, video monitoring capabilities or any other security solutions, get in touch with Convergis Technologies today.

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